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Which Respirator will suit my needs

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Protec Staff24/04/2007 05:52:23 Ivor - there is a potential hazzard from at least one of these chemicals and ideally you would need to have a risk asessment carried out before we can make an accurate suggestion on a suitable respirator. In the meantime I'll look into the chemical combination involved and get back to you wih some guidance.
Ivor Butler24/04/2007 05:46:04 Apparently they find them uncomfortable. They do use simple dust masks for other chemicals, so I was looking for something similar in a respirator. To be honest i dont really think the chemicals mentioned are that hazzardous, they may pose more of a threat in terms of cross-contamination in the facility. If we were preparing hormonal products I would then be more concerned for personal safety. Having said this, is there no suitable disposable option?
Protec Staff24/04/2007 05:18:55 Hi Ivor - firstly can you let us know what it is about the 3M 4277 that your operators don't like? The 4277 is a semi-disposable half mask and you are working with some potentially hazardous chemical combinations here where disposable may not be a suitable option.
Ivor Butler24/04/2007 03:40:31 I work for a pharmaceutical company and we occasionally have to weigh out chemicals that potentially pose a hazzard to the operators. These chemicals in particular are Dexamethosone, Prenisolone Sodium Phosphate, Pilocarpine Hydrochloride. We have 3M 4277 respirators but operators dont like using these so we would like to move to a more suitable disposable one. What would be best for us.

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