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Protec Staff17/11/2009 11:29:16 Hi Simon The 7500 is suitable for both applications. The filters we would suggest for the Cellulose paint spraying would be the 6051 combined with a 5925 so you will need to purchase a 901 filter retainer also. The 2128 will be the filter required for the mig welding. The 7500 is sealed at the top but if you are having trouble maybe you should try the 2890 safety goggle they are either polycarbonate or acetate anti fog and they were designed with the 7500 in mind so are fully compatible. Hope this helps Many thanks Technical Support
Simon Ricketts17/11/2009 10:09:30 Hi I'm looking to use the 7500 Series for two applications. 1. Mig welding, metal cutting/grinding etc. 2. Paint spraying with cellulose. Can you confirm what filters I will require please? Also I am having a problem with my current disposable masks where they make my safety glasses steam up due to breath coming out of the top of the filter. Will the 7500 be sealed at the top such that this will not happen? Many thanks Simon

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