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Powered Respiratory Masks

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Protec Staff06/07/2009 09:25:27 "Hi Susan As a suitable option for you we would advise on the 06441 PROCAP POWERED AIR HELMET PROCAP is the ideal combination headtop for hazardous environments such as grinding, metal processing, quarrying, foundry work, construction, demolition, and shipbuilding. It incorporates complementary respiratory, head, face, eye and hearing protection systems – as well as a host of pioneering safety and ergonomic features. An optional fully integrated welding solution can be retro-fitted, or is available complete as Procap Weld. Key Features Full range of visors available Unique monorail visor glide system maintains low profile Exceptional balance, providing comfortable extended duration use Innovative visor seal sweeps the helmet shell, preventing the ingress of contaminants Quick lock swivel hose connection greatly increases freedom of movement Used in conjunction with either Tornado T-Power or T-A-line Standards EN12941 TH2, EN1835 LDH2, EN166 and EN397. Optional Ear Defenders to EN352 Current price is £162.15. I hope this helps Many thanks Technical Support "
Susan Bailey03/07/2009 05:25:19 We currently use the Tornado T5 Helmet respirator. We use these when grinding off lead based paints from steel and also when cleaning up / vacuuming blast grit which contains lead based paint dust from encapsulated scaffolds. These areas normally have limited access and as the work is quite heavy and arduous it gets very hot inside the T5 unit. Also if wear glasses it is difficult to get a good fit. We do however need to wear a masks that also incorporates a safety helmet. Any ideas on a more comfortable unit and also one which can be worn with glasses. Many thanks

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