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Respiratory - Eye Protection - Re-pointing

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Protec Staff26/06/2009 04:01:11 "Hi Aaron Yes we do stock the 7907 there is a price difference though these are at a list price of £105.56. 3M™ 7907S is a reusable full face mask featuring a durable silicone face piece material. All parts are replaceable. Additional information - Durable silicone face piece material - Double face sealing gasket ensures a good fit for different face sizes - One size fits most face sizes - Speech diaphragm improves communication - Lightweight, balanced respirator - Six strap harness assembly - Wide field of vision - 3M Bayonet filter fixing system - EN136 Class 2/CE marked - Accessories 3M™ 7925 Spectacle kit 3M™ 7992 Lens cover 3M™ 7883 Neck strap The extremely lightweight 6000 series full face masks feature a wide field of vision, and low maintenance design for maximum comfort and simplicity. Available in 3 sizes Additional Information - Extremely lightweight - 450gms - Wide field of vision - Polycarbonate lens is scratch and impact resistant to EN166:B - 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve allows exhaled air to escape quickly and easily for improved wearer comfort - Cost effective - Soft, hypo-allergenic elastomeric face piece - Twin filter design provides lower breathing resistance - Four strap suspension, easy to put on and take off - Speech transmission zone - Unique 3M bayonet filter fixing system - EN136 Class 1/CE marked - Accessories 3M™ 6878 Spectacle Kit 3M™ 6885 Lens Cover 3M™ 7883 Neck Strap The filters will fit both the 6000 series and the 7000 series. I hope this helps Kind regards Technical Support "
Aaron Carson26/06/2009 03:04:02 "Thanks think i'll go for something like the 3m u sell the 3M™ 7907S Series Full Face Respirator? is there much difference? "
Protec Staff26/06/2009 01:42:24 Hi Aaron There is a couple of combinations you can try the 3m 6000 will be sufficient with a P3 filter either the 6035 or the 2138 these are however sold in packs of 20's. The other option would be the profile2 half face mask with a P3 filter 053070 as this is a low lying half face mask it will be easily paired with the V Maxx goggle 1006193 these are an anti scratch and anti fog goggle suitable for use against liquids , large dust particles , molten metal and hot solids. I hope this helps Kind regards Technical Support
Aaron Carson26/06/2009 12:20:32 "Hi there I run a property services business in Taunton, Somerset. I often get asked to re-point patios, walls etc...a horrible job which involves using a grinder to remove mortar, this creates loads of fine dust (cement) and other fine particles which fly fast towards the eyes. I've tried several combinations of glasses, masks, googles...and can't find a system that works without the googles, glasses steaming up, also particles getting in at the edges of goggles and into eyes. So at the moment i can only protect my hearing and eyes (partially)...ideally i need a full face visor of some kind which can protect against, fast flying particles, eg little bits of stone, concrete. Is scratch resistant. Does not fog up. Is resonably comfortable. And protects my lungs from cement dust etc. What would you recommend the SCOTT PROMASK or 3M 6000? u sell the 7000 full face? whats the difference between 6000 & 7000? Thanks Aaron"

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