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Some of my employees need to wear flame-retardant clothing. What is the difference between Proban, Pyrovatex and Nomex in terms of the protection they provide?

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Protec Staff29/03/2007 10:34:55 Proban is a flame-retardant treatment applied to a cotton or similar garment. It has a limited lifespan and the treatment diminishes with laundering. Pyrovatex is made from Dale Sateen Weave, and although this is then treated with a solution much the same as Proban it can be washed at high temperatures with only a gradually diminishing effect on its performance. Nomex is made from inherently flame retardant material rather than treated. The flame retardant properties will last the life of the garmnent which is also anti-static and arc resistant. The Rolls Royce of flame retardant clothing!

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