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3M Jupiter A2B1E1K1P Filter, 453-09-25P
Code: 730700
A2B1E1K1P Filter for the 3M Jupiter Powered Air Respirator to protect against a range of hazards including ammonia, dusts, mists and fumes. Pack 2
Pack of 2
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3M Jupiter A2B1E1K1P Filter, 453-09-25P

The Jupiter Powered Air Turbo Unit is comfortable, easy-to-use and provides protection against particulates, gases or vapours, or against a combination of these contaminants depending on the type of filters used. Filter protects against organic vapours, inorganic vapours and acid gases, ammonia derivatives, dusts, mists and fumes. 2 filters per pack.

Manufacturer 3M Manufacturer Code A2BEK1P3/453-09-25P