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Personal Protection Equipment Industry News

HSE modifies on-site COVID-19 health advice Posted on 30/11/2020

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has modified its health and safety advice for construction sites.


The new version of the CLC Site Operating Procedures includes updated guidelines on testing, self-isolation, shielding and other procedures when a worker develops COVID-19 symptoms. In addition, canteens have to display the NHS QR Code as part of the track and trace system, and PPE, such as face coverings, must be worn in all enclosed spaces and in canteens when not eating or drinking.


During October 2020, the HSE increased the number of construction site inspections. It was particularly concerned about respiratory risks that can increase COVID-19 symptoms. HSE inspectors are making sure that all construction sites have procedures in place to protect workers from infection risks, and that all workplaces are COVID secure. 


According to the construction industry law advice organisation, Beale & Co, there are three ways to avoid HSE intervention and possible health and safety breach prosecutions. These are having COVID-19 risk assessments carried out at all sites, observing social distancing rules and keeping workplaces clean by handwashing and ensuring hygiene facilities are easily accessible to all workers. 


Beale & Co says:

“The overriding message to the industry is unchanged: Health and Safety on site remain paramount. Businesses should ensure that adequate training has been provided and that effective systems are in place to monitor and review compliance with the guidelines.”


Construction companies need to be aware of any changes to the COVID-19 guidelines. The Construction Industry Training Board website has up to date advice.

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