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A largely male-dominated sector, it remains one the worst in the UK in terms of gender balance. However, more women are in senior roles than ever before, with the number having risen by over 100% from 6% in 2005 - although this is still only 16% on senior roles being held by women1, we can see a rapid increase that will continue to improve over time.


What’s Needed?

Ensuring respect for the needs of women in the Safety Industry – making sure that there are female Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) options. Work clothing which fits properly, designed for women, and enables women to do their jobs comfortably, well and safely. Although this may seem basic, there are too many companies which do not yet do this.


Here at Protec Direct we want to make sure that our customers have the opportunity to allow their female employees safe and effective PPE, Workwear and Footwear that will help to promote equality in the Safety Industry.


1Women and the Education Pay Gap, Randstand, 2016