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A permanent coating applied on both sides of the lens that gives a high scratch resistance and delays fogging beyond the minimum required standards. It ensures greater safety, reliability and comfort.  

The Comfort Sensitivity Perception is an effective solution for all activities that alternate exposure to bright light and low light while also being suitable for extreme temperature environments. CSP technology to filter blue light (52%) is combined with the Platinum Coating.

The technology is ideal for use in an urban or seagoing environment, for driving, and more generally for all outdoor activities in which there is a high risk of glare. Polarized technology offers incomparable comfort by eliminating glare and reflections.  

Forklift Driver: Clear or CSP Lens

Packing Operator: Clear or Flash Lens

Stock Manager: Clear Lens

Truck Driver: Smoke or CSP Lens

Assembly Line Worker: Clear Lens

Food Industry Worker: Clear of HD Lens

Machine Operator: Clear Lens

Truck Driver: Polarized or CSP Lens

Power Tool Workwear: Clear or CSP Lens

Carpenter: Clear or Yellow Lens

Project Manager: Smoke or Clear Lens