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Clothing & Workwear

Clothing & Workwear

Protective Clothing & Workwear

At Protec Direct, we supply a wide range of workwear and protective clothing, so you can find everything you need to kit out your team. Our range includes products from industry-leading brands such as Timberland, Helly Hansen and Regatta, so you can trust that you’re getting high quality workwear which will last. We also offer a branding service, so you can place your company name and logo onto your protective clothing to create a professional corporate image.


What kind of protective clothing should employers provide?

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect staff if they face hazards at work, and this means providing personal protective equipment to help keep them safe. The type of protective clothing and equipment required will depend on the type of work they’ll be carrying out, but could include:

  • High-vis workwear – At Protec, we provide a variety of hi-vis jackets, waistcoats, trousers and boiler suits. Hi-vis clothing can be useful in a variety of industries, including construction, roadworks and railway maintenance.
  • Disposable workwear – Disposable overalls and accessories are useful in a variety of industries, including motor repairs, asbestos removal and roles involving close contact with chemicals.
  • Boilersuits and overalls - Full body boilersuits and overalls can protect staff from oil, water or paint splashes. They can be useful for a wide range of jobs, including motor repairs, janitorial work and painting and decorating. We also offer flame-retardant overalls for when added protection is required.
  • Waterproof clothing – If your team are exposed to damp conditions as part of their job, you’ll need to ensure that they’re kitted out with appropriate waterproof clothing. We offer a selection of waterproof trousers, jackets and 2-piece rain suits so you can keep your staff warm and dry.
  • Warm coats and bodywarmers - If staff will be facing very cold conditions, you’ll need to provide them with warm clothing, such as insulated jackets or bodywarmers. This will be particularly important for individuals who work outdoors for long periods of time. At Protec Direct, we also offer a range of thermal clothing, such as hats, gloves and socks, for when your team are facing extremely cold conditions.
  • Protective gloves – We provide a wide range of specialist hand protection here at Protec, with PPE gloves to suit every industry.

Take a look at our selection of workwear and protective clothing below, or browse our full range of PPE equipment to find everything you need to keep staff safe. We offer everything from safety footwear to head protection, so you can ensure your staff are protected from head to toe.