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Hi-Vis Clothing

Hi-Vis Clothing

Hi-Vis Jackets, Waistcoats And Clothing

Throughout many industries and working environments, hi-vis clothing provides safety, ensures compliance with risk assessments and significantly reduces the frequency of fatal incidents occurring.
Many tasks involve employees operating near machinery and plant where accidents can occur. The range of hi-vis clothing below reduces these risks. Click the options below for further information.

High Visibility Clothing And The Law

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 set out the many factors that must be considered when choosing the correct PPE. The clothing must be suitable for the job and this can range from a single hi-vis waistcoat to a full hi-vis boilersuit.

In addition the clothing must be suitable for the worker, compatible with other PPE and meet clothing standards such as BS EN 471 for hi-visibility clothing.

The Hazards Faced At Work:

Construction sites – When working on construction sites there are daily dangers and hi-vis clothing must always be worn to prevent incidents and fatalities occurring when operating plant and machinery.

Work on roadways or footpaths – When working on roadways or footpaths, hi-vis clothing protects both those working and any passing vehicles by ensuring any employees can be easily seen. 

The Ranges Of Hi-Vis Clothing Available

The many different ranges of hi-vis clothing available from Protec Direct conform to all appropriate European safety standards and we pride ourselves on being able to provide a fantastic range of garments.

Our extensive range includes hi-vis vests, jackets, waistcoats, trousers and leisurewear such as t-shirts and fleeces. We are also able to supply specialised lines such as hi-vis boilersuits and GO/RT 3279 approved rail track clothing. 

Hi-vis waistcoats – Suitable for most applications and provide a cost effective, safe solution.

Hi-vis jackets – With leading brands such as Helly Hansen and Sioen, Protec Direct’s range of high visibility jackets represent excellent value for money and can be personalised with our in-house branding service.

Hi-vis trousers – Protec Direct offer a wide range of high-vis trousers with many waterproof options available.

Hi-vis boilersuits – A wide range of hi-vis boilersuits are available from Protec Direct suitable for use in areas where high visibility is imperative for safety.

Railway Industry Waistcoats – European standard compliant hi-vis waistcoasts are approved for use within the railway industry.

Railway Industry Trousers – High-visibility trousers compliant with GO/RT 3279 standards setting the minimum specifications for hi-vis clothing in the rail industry.

Railway Industry Jackets – Orange, hi-vis jackets suitable for use throughout the rail industry whether working trackside or roadside.

Railway Industry Boilersuits– Full body, hi-vis boilersuits to provide complete body coverage and the highest level of safety.

European Standards for High-Visibility Clothing

BS EN 1150 – Covers garments purely for private use.

BS EN 471 – More demanding standards covering visual performance and durability for garments used in the course of a trade or profession.

GO/RT 3279 – Setting the minimum specification for high visibility warning clothing in the rail industry.

Employer Hi-Vis Checklist

Employers should provide the following as stated by the HSE:

  • Provide those that are exposed to significant risks any hi-vis clothing free of charge
  • Maintain hi-vis clothing in a clean, working order
  • Provide storage facilities for clothing when not in use
  • Supervise employees ensuring clothing is worn correctly
  • Provide adequate information, training and instruction on how to properly use hi-vis clothing.

Employee Hi-Vis Checklist

Employees should endeavor to:

  • Wear hi-vis clothing wherever stated by the employer
  • Maintain clothing and report any issues or damage