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Disposable Workwear

Disposable Workwear

Disposable Workwear and Overalls

The correct selection and application of Personal Protective Equipment is vital for protecting employees and meeting international safety standards.

Many working environments present hazards and require employees to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) with disposable overalls and accessories being the most appropriate selection.

The industries that commonly require the use of disposable PPE include motor repairs, chemical and asbestos removal. One of the greatest benefits of using disposable overalls in the asbestos removal industry is that they can be simply destroyed with the removed asbestos. 

Traditional items of PPE do not require specialist cleaning in order for them to be rendered safe to wear and having a supply of disposable suits is useful for situations where laundry costs would be high such as when protecting visitors.


The Range Of Disposable Workwear Available From Protec Direct

The wide range of disposable protective clothing from Protec Direct includes coveralls, overshoes, hoods, over-sleeves, food industry workwear and aprons to provide protection for almost any working environment.

Disposable Coveralls – Disposable coveralls from Protec Direct are suitable for providing protection in a wide range of environments and can be supplied in a wide range of colours and sizes. The range provides full body protection from a wide variety of hazards with hooded and flame retardant coveralls available.

Disposable Overshoes – The wide range of disposable overshoes are available in various styles and materials. They can also be used as boot covers and provide protection from spillages, hazardous areas and harmful atmospheres.

Disposable Hoods – Disposable hoods provide an added layer of protection for the users head and can be worn under a helmet or as standalone head protection against hazardous dusts or chemicals.

Disposable Over Sleeves – Protec Direct offer disposable over sleeves to provide added protection for the wearer’s lower arm and wrists against harmful chemicals and other workplace hazards.

Food Industry Workwear – The food preparation industry requires high levels of personal hygiene in order to protect customers from contamination. Disposable workwear provides the level of protection required and does not require the constant washing  that protective workwear does.

Disposable Aprons – Disposable aprons are suitable for a wide range of catering, manufacturing and industrial applications and can be supplied in either blue or white colours.


Disposable Overalls, PPE And The Law

The law surrounding PPE and the use of disposable overalls states that equipment provided must protect the user adequately against the hazard and be fit for purpose.

The law states PPE should be used when

  • An inhalation exposure risk remains after other reasonable controls have been put in place
  • When putting in place other control measures
  • For emergency work or temporary failure of controls where other measures are un-suitable
  • When there is in-frequent short-term exposure and other measures may be impractical

Choosing the Correct Disposable Protective Clothing

There are a number of key considerations to take into account when supplying disposable protective clothing. These include the wearer, the task in hand and the environment in which the equipment will be used.

When selecting the disposable PPE to be used, these key considerations and a basic understanding of what is required to protect the worker must be considered.

  • The hazardous substance and the amount of the substance that is in the air
  • The nature of the work being carried out
  • The form that the hazardous substance will be encountered in e.g. gas, vapour, particle
  • Any specific worker requirements that may be necessary such as a need to wear spectacles.

Despite maintenance not being required for disposable PPE and RPE, the equipment used should always be checked for faults prior to use and any issues reported.


The Hazards That Require Disposable Protective Clothing

Many workplace hazards can present themselves at short notice or may be infrequent requiring the use of disposable overalls where the use of regular PPE would be in-appropriate.

Typical hazards include harmful dusts, vapours and mists that may cause damage to skin or clothing. By ensuring that disposable protective equipment is always to hand and easily accessible, the dangers that are often faced can be somewhat allayed.

Once the COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) risk assessment  has been carried out in order to identify the hazardous substances, the next two key areas to consider are the products being used, and which are classed as hazardous substances


Employer Requirements

  • Throughout industries where PPE is required to facilitate normal working or where employees may be at risk to their health and safety, employers must provide this free of charge and ensure it is fit for purpose.
  • Training should also be provided to ensure employees are aware of the need to wear PPE appropriately and any maintenance or repairs should be provided by the employer.
  • Always choose safety footwear that suits the user considering weight, size and fit.
  • All products purchased should carry the CE mark in accordance with the Personal Protection Equipment Regulations 2002

European Standards and Regulations For PPE And Disposable Overalls

  • Personal Protective Equipment Regulations (2002)
  • Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (1992)