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Anti-Vibration Gloves

Anti-Vibration Gloves

Anti-Vibration Gloves

When workers are exposed to vibrating machinery, measures need to be taken to ensure their safety. At Protec Direct, we stock anti-vibration gloves from top brands such as Impacto, Honeywell and Polyco, including fingerless anti-vibration gloves, so you can find an option that’s just right for the task in hand.


Why wear anti-vibration gloves?

Vibrations from machinery can result in workers suffering damage to their nerves, muscles, tendons, bones and blood vessels. Over time, this can increase their risk of developing injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome and hand-arm vibration syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a neurological condition which results in symptoms such as numbness, aching or weakness in the hand and fingers. Meanwhile, HAVS injuries can be divided into three different categories, including:

  • Neurological injuries – Starting with numbness or tingling in the fingers, in time this can lead to irreversible damage and even disability.
  • Vascular injuries – These injuries cause the small blood vessels in the hand and fingers to constrict, causing the fingers to become numb and turn white. For this reason, the condition is also known as ‘vibration-induced white fingers’.
  • Musculoskeletal injuries – This may take a few different forms, from arthritis and tendonitis to changes in muscle fibres.


Employer responsibilities

With such serious health problems caused by exposure to vibration, employers have a legal responsibility to ensure workers are properly protected. The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 were put into place to protect workers from vibration, and must be adhered to by employers.


How to reduce the risk of vibration

A variety of measures need to be taken to reduce the risk of injury from vibration, including:

  • Limiting the amount of time employees spend being exposed to vibration.
  • Providing employees with protective clothing, such as anti-vibration gloves.
  • Selecting suitable equipment, such as low vibration tools, wherever possible.

Take a look at the HSE website for further guidance on controlling the risk of vibration.


Who needs to use anti-vibration gloves?

Anti-vibration gloves should be worn by anyone who needs to handle vibrating tools or machinery. This may include workers in industries such as:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Quarrying
  • Agriculture
  • Auto repair

Browse our selection of anti-vibration gloves below, or explore our full range of hand protection gloves for a variety of purposes. We offer everything from builders’ grip gloves to protective cut-resistant gloves, so you can find just what you need to protect your whole team.

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